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Re-connecting body and soul

Hi, I am Annemieke. I am Dutch and I live in Amsterdam. In the nineties I specialized in psychology of religion at the University of Amsterdam. Later in life I went to London to qualify as a craniosacral therapist.

I love science, but at heart I am a bodyworker. I love the kind of truth that is represented by our bodies.

Bodies don’t lie. They are our most trustworthy compagnions. Our body is there for us during our entire journey through life.

You can feel lost in your life, lost in the world or even lost in the universe. You may have spiritual beliefs about that or you may have lost those as well.

I have a lot of experience in feeling lost. And now I am 52 I feel ready to share what I have learned.

I believe in staying present with whatever is going on.
Trusting my felt sense.
Holding my space.

I believe that finding your inner truth can become a healing journey. It is a lively, challenging process that takes everything you have. There can be deep and lonely patches, but also wonderful fresh streams and spectacular views. Continously developing your ability to explore your inner world will help you live a healthy, unique, wonderful life.

You will be very welcome to walk with us for a while.