About us

Covid 19.

I was a happy bodyworker, when the virus hit us all. For three months I had to stop doing what I liked best.

But the world opened up by means of the internet.

And, to cut a long story short, that is how the Self Healing Academy started.

It is a work in progress. I am hoping to join forces with others later.

When I was a child I was a little bit psychic. That was normal in our family.

But when I went to university, I was made to believe that being psychic was the same as being crazy!

It is not. There is some overlap, though.

I was extremely confused for quite a number of years. Therapists got scared when I started to talk about the visions I had. I was a bit like Skye, from The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: I had to learn how to harness my abilities.

It took me years to find my way back to myself. I studied psychology of religion, I went to a school for aura-reading and I became a craniosacral therapist. I danced, I painted my house, I kept diaries and I meditated.

I know now, that I was never lost. I was merely asking myself profound questions that took time to answer.

I know now that I am not crazy for being able to find meaning in the world of dreams and images. It is a sign of being sensitive and creative.

The Self Healing Academy is about traveling through any otherworldly dimension that you may encounter – map it, explore it like a scientist. And then bring all the adventures of those different realities back home. Back home in the here and now, back home in your body.

You may feel lost, but you can be found again. Learning to find your way in your own way will make your journey through life truthful and, for that reason, beautiful.

You are very welcome to join us on that road.