Psychic or crazy?

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In our family, being a little bit psychic was normal. We would share our premonitions, and talk about their meaning.

It was quite weird to learn, when I went to university, that being psychic was frowned upon. Seeing ‘creatures’, like angels or demons or talking with your late grandmother, was treated as a disease! Most psychologists of religion believed that being able to pick up on emotions of others was a sign of an unhealthy upbringing. Talking to God, which I frequently did, was supposedly a sign of deep trauma.

I had very little to argue with. I actually was traumatized. I just thought my conversations with God were helpful, rather than disrupting. I felt forced, however, to keep this to myself. The therapists I visited to help me with my trauma, were not able to cope with this level of sensitivity.

Years later, when I was working in a psychiatric ward, I came to understand the difference between having psychic abilities and actually being ill. The people I saw there suffered intensely. It was not the fact that they had visions, it was that these visions were so overpowering that there was no space for either reciprocating what was going on or snapping out of it. They were trapped in there.

With some of the patients I could not find any shared reality. That was always painful. It must be so unimaginably lonely, not being able to share your reality with anybody.

Others were simply overburdened with emotion. They often would be deeply traumatized. I learned how their visions represented unspeakably difficult events. (Just as it had done with me, although I only came to understand the fabric of that years later).

Simply listening to the stories of these people and figuring out the relationship between the visions and the trauma, was usually helpful. Some of the people I worked with, managed to stand up to their demons. They would, over time, be able to tame the scary creatures. This always took a long while and courage, and I found the process invariably interesting.

So in my experience the difference between being psychic and having a psychosis is gradual: the more one is able to own up to the images and demons, the more space there will be for relaxed happiness.

Working on oneself is a lifelong journey, just as challenging and exciting as travelling around the world. Having visions and seeing ‘creatures’ can be a great portal for finding the inner light that will show you the way.

Please walk with us if you feel like it!

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